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East Suburban Animal Clinic

Welcome to East Suburban Animal Clinic!


At East Suburban Animal Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional client service and excellent pet health care. We have been committed to serving the pets and pet owners of Northwood, Genoa, Millbury, Toledo, Oak harbor, Perrysburg, Oregon, Luckey and Stoney Ridge since 1981.

AVMA logo with an orange Tabby Cat laying down

Experts In Compassionate Care

The AVMA is one of the most trusted veterinary associations with their core values being built upon being ethical, inclusive, science-based, animal-focused, member-centric, supportive, fiscally responsible, efficient and innovative. Through an AVMA membership our hospital has access to crucial veterinary services, educational accreditation and certification programs, and much more that allows us to better serve our clientele.

We assure our clients that everyone who works for us shares the same values interests and goals as the accreditation board. We develop positions on key issues and advocate for veterinarians, advancing their ability to provide crucial veterinary services, provide educational accreditation and certification programs that protect and elevate the quality of veterinary care, and provide timely and relevant products and services to our members that enhance their opportunities for success and service.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

At East Suburban Animal Clinic, we value feedback from our clients. Here is just a small sample of the hundreds of happy and healthy pets we have cared for since 1981.